Season V begins in:



Type: Custom RPG
Exp: Staged, around 5x
PvP: Open
Magic rate: 5x
Skill rate: 7x
Loot rate: 1.5x
Protection level: 50
Account name
Extra experience event!
Some days ago, specifically the 31/07 at 19:01 GMT, the last of the Ruthless Seven was slain in his lair. The world is now free of their presence, and they are no longer a threat to mankind. These are the noble heroes that participated in slaying this group of foul demons:
To celebrate this occasion, and also to compensate for a major downtime we had last weekend, for the next 2 weeks we will be running an extra experience event. Since today, and until the 20th of August, players of all levels will receive 50% increased experience when slaying monsters!

This bonus will stack with the permanent experience bonus granted by slaying each of the Ruthless Seven. Rumours say, a new threat to mankind is about to surface, so better get ready to face it!

With today's update, that meant the start of the extra experience event, some minor changes were also introduced into the game. You can find them, as always, in the changelog.

Have fun hunting, and see you in-game! :)
Alchemy profession update
These last weeks, many of you have contributed your opinions on the weakness of the alchemy profession at specific stages.

Based on your points of view, and lots of data, we concluded that the alchemy profession needed a bit of a rework. With todays update, you will find some major changes in it.

Most notably, the cooldown for battle potions has increased from 5 to 15 minutes, which means you'll be able to use them less often. However, their effects have been substantially increased, in order to make the use of a battle potion meaningful. With this, we hope to avoid the current situation, where very few battle potions are crafted for their utility and not just for leveling up the alchemy skill.

The duration of most elixirs has increased from 30 to 45 minutes, though their style of use remains the same: There's no cooldown on how often you can use an elixir, you can only have one active at a time.

Other changes of this update can be found, as always, in the changelog:
Client upgrade 5.1
Thanks to the report of a player, we discovered a bug in the 5.0 Ruthless Chaos client that may cause players to debug, specially in some areas of southern Azaila. 

We have released a new client version (5.1) which solves this issue. We very strongly recommend you to upgrade your client version, or you may experience crashes while playing, potentially causing you to die.

You can download the new client in the downloads section:

Also wanted to thank everyone for an amazing and smooth release of Season 5! :)

See you in-game!
Launch of Season 5
Do you remember the first time you played a MMORPG? When you felt the adrenaline when going into unexplored caves, and enjoyed exploring and discovering the most mysterious places you could ever imagine?

We want you to get that feeling back. After a long wait, the 5th Season of Ruthless Chaos is ready for release.

Release Date: Friday, 31st May 2019, at 20:00 CEST (GMT+2)

The new season will bring lots of new features and content, including a completely new endgame that will be unlocked once the Ruthless Seven have been defeated. A new continent, Arvankil, is awaiting to be explored, along with many other new areas located in the continents you already know from previous seasons.

Midway through the season, a new vocation with a very unique playstyle will be launched.

The battle against the armies of the Hell is about to begin!

Kind regards,