Season V begins in:



Type: Custom RPG
Exp: Staged, around 5x
PvP: Open
Magic rate: 5x
Skill rate: 7x
Loot rate: 1.5x
Protection level: 50
Account name



04 August 2019 (10:31)
- Fixed an exploit that allowed players to kill some bosses off-screen.
- Sagitarius and vampiric necklace are now wearable by shamans.
- Fixed a bug that caused Szilar's mind control not to work properly with knights.
- Some minor mapbugs have been fixed.

03 August 2019 (12:35)
- Greatly increased the loot and experience of spectral knights and shamans of undeath. Their damage has also been reduced.
- The loot of hateful wreckers has been greatly increased.
- The experience and speed of ammits has been increased.
- Grasshopper legs are now sellable and disenchantable.
- The lifedrain protection of the necklace of the deep has been reduced from 50% to 30%. The amount of charges has been increased from 50 to 80.
- Fixed a bug that caused several creatures not to drop some items of their loot. This bug affected: muscaliets, void terrors, horrors, alpha muscaliets, the Harvester of Despair and Lortug.
- Fixed the description of the emperor soul gem in the jewelry recipe book.

02 August 2019 (00:43)
- Increased the damage and mana cost (to 85) of the Storm summoning and earth summoning.
- Increased the damage and mana cost (to 195) of Entangle.
- Fixed a bug that prevented players from completing the quest that involves slaying Naugraz. His feat of strength should also be working now.
- Genis now sells jewelry-related items, including the 5th book of jewelry.
- Slightly increased the damage of matriarch hydras.
- Added an exit teleporter to Dradgha's bossfight room. Also, you may no longer log out inside this room.
- Infernal bolts can now be equipped by using them.
- Ancestor ghost now has a self-healing like the rest of shaman totems.
- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused captains not to sail players to certain quest-restricted areas if they advanced further in that quest.
- Fixed lots of weird creature behaviors with walkable swamps in the reeking hound area.
- The rewards after defeating Kloy are now displayed next to their chests.
- Dread of the dead is now sellable and disenchantable.
- Glacier chests should now correctly give you addons 1 and 2 when you have found 3/5 of them.
- Fixed a bug that caused Infernatil's phase change not to trigger under some rare circumstances.
- The skill reducing spell of dreadsteeds should now be working properly.
- The Hunter chief has received a white skull.
- Improved the visibility of Infernatil's meteor.
- Fixed a bug that caused the target of Pumin's mind control not to do any actions to aid his new master.
- Fixed lots of mapbugs.

23 July 2019 (20:38)
- The alchemy professions has received a rework. Check the news section for more information on this topic.
- The veins and plants of many respawns have been adjusted to provide a more linear progression in both the blacksmithing and alchemy professions.
- Improved the damage increase the nemesis set grants on the divine caldera spell.
- The loot and experience of Dreadsteeds has been increased, and their health has been reduced.
- Elbeldar now has a white skull.
- Silver maces now grant 2% protection against death and holy damage.
- Mithril axes now grant 6% physical lifesteal.
- Majandi no longer buys rings, to avoid players selling them by mistake.
- Black tear minerals now work properly.
- Silves maces can now be sold and disenchanted.
- Vampiric bows can now be sold and disenchanted.
- Mithril axes can now be sold and disenchanted, and sockets inserted into them.
- Fixed the divine caldera spell not working if the caster had a full nemesis set equiped and no target selected.
- Fixed a bug that caused Bazir's tracker spell not to work properly.
- Fixed a bug that would cause talismans of truth to sometimes teleport players into walls when saving them from Bazir's traps.
- Fixed several mapbugs.

17 July 2019 (00:08)
- The lootrate of the server has been strongly reworked. Creatures of all strengths and levels will now drop increased loot. This change will be most noticable at levels 50-120, where loot drops have increased up to 30%. At higher levels, the lootrate increase will be around 15%.
- Added a new boss and quest to the serpent spawn area in the jungle of Tindra.
- Ulderek, in the orc domains, has learned a new spell to defend himself from higher level players.
- Increased the speed of havoc spreaders.
- Increased the health of shroomite elders/priestesses.
- Slightly increased the rune rewards of the Frisiga arena.
- Decreased the damage of energized wardens.
- Increased the mana greanted by treant amulets from 280 to 420.
- Reduced the spawntime of stonepeckers, and increased the amount of creatures in the area.
- Ravenwings are now sellable, disenchantable and sockets can be engraved into them.
- Added more hints for some specific mysteries of Ruthless Chaos.
- Skinning vampires will now award you with the correct type of vampire dust.
- Fixed a bug that allowed players to enter in the PvP arena alone, leaving them stuck.
- Fixed a bug causing strange behaviours in the !go command. Also fixed its behaviour with mounts.
- Removed the non-working explosion silver runes as a reward from the Frisiga arena.
- Fixed the doors of expertise leading to Shard being not closing properly.
- Fixed several mapbugs and typos.

27 June 2019 (23:42)
- Reduced the distance damage of energized wardens.
- Increased the loot of nether golems.
- Greatly increased the loot of mindspawns, and slightly increased the experience of ghastly silencers.
- It's no longer possible to log out in the Verkan bossfight area.
- Fixed a bug that was causing Thamanuhr not to cast his summon spell.
- Fixed the telescope on the sarlin society not working.
- Fixed several mapbugs, specially ones in the new guildhall north of Tindra harbour allowing players to get stuck.
- Fixed a bug that would cause Victor, in Azaila, to sometimes walk out of talking range.

26 June 2019 (23:53)
- A new area has been added in the energized warden's spawn. Furthermore, the loot, damage and experience of energized wardens has been reworked.
- The loot of pyromancers has been greatly increased.
- The loot of mirrage spirits and warriors of deception has been greatly increased.
- Ugluk, inside the orc dungeon, has learned a new lifedrain spell to help him fight against higher leveled players.
- Demon armors and Skullcrushers are now sellable, disenchantable, and sockets may be created into them.
- Demon armor grants 25 increased health, but now has a level requirement of 80.
- Fixed a bug that allowed players to deal damage from inside protection zones with potions of barbaric force, potions of brute force and potions of tremor.
- It is now possible to create sockets in all the pieces of the nemesis set.
- The lava in Kraigton's pit is no longer walkable, to avoid an exploit that allowed killing him without him able to fight back.
- Fixed vampire bodies giving demon dusts and demon bodies giving vampire dusts when skinned with blessed wooden stake.
- Fixed a bug that would cause crafting a demonbone with blacksmithing give an imbued demonbone instead.
- Ergnas now has the white skull he deserves.
- Fixed a bug that still caused eclipse scalpels to recharge for longer than they should.

19 June 2019 (12:08)
- The lifedrain attack of vicious oozes has been reworked to do damage based on its target level. For mid-level players, the damage will stay the same as before the patch. For players above level 200 and specially close to 300, the damage will be greater.
- The distance boulder attack of behemoths now splits into smaller rocks that deal lesser damage around the area of impact.
- Improved the navigability of Sialeth.
- The glacier chest guarded by Urpi has been moved to a mystic place accessible after completing his riddle.
- Mystic roots are now sellable to Gikje and Majandi.
- Changed the jewelcrafting recipe of the basilisk gem to fix it having the same recipe as the barrage gem.
- Fixed a bug that would cause eclipse scalpels never to recharge. Any scalpels used before today's patch will remain bugged, so if you have a forever recharging scalpel please contact a gamemaster to exchange it for a new one.
- Fixed NPCs Fenita and Majandi buying floor levers instead of elven scouting glasses.
- Fixed a bug that caused grinning sceptres not to heal on-hit when imbued.
- Demonhunter, bloodgem and steel ring are now disenchantable and sellable at Norbert.
- Corpses of sharks are now movable and decay correctly.
- Fixed soul mace not giving increased health when imbued.
- The questlog for the shard gathering task now shows the correct amount of shards required.
- Fixed several mapbugs and typos. Thanks to everyone for your continuous reports with the "Report coordinates" in-game feature, they helped to fix hundreds of mapbugs so far this season!

14 June 2019 (13:26)
- The damage and attacks of the Lord of the Elements and his pure elementals has been reworked.
- Added a new final room for one of the beholder city quests.
- The Evil Eye does no longer spawn in the central room of the beholder city. He now spawns on a sepparate room that has been added to the city.
- Added a level requirement of 50 to the portal of Lakshmi.
- Anguish shield now reduces your damage by 8% (previously it reduced it by 18%).
- Charged and overcharged energy elementals now drop energy soil.
- Beetle necklace is now sellable to Norbert.
- Fixed a bug that would cause players not to be able to advance to Hunter rank if they reported the task "Ancient Lizardkind" as their last task.
- Fixed the wrong amount of elemental kills required in the questlog elementus quest tasks.
- Fixed a bug that would cause shroomite zealot elites to drop serpent eye fragments rarely.
- Fixed leviathan amulets obtained from fishing water elemental corpses only having 1 charge.
- The warden now has the correct body looktype.
- Several mapbugs and typos have been fixed.

10 June 2019 (18:27)
- Several improvements have been done to the network connectivity of the server, in order to mitigate kicks/freezes.
- Reduced the chance of the scarab broodmother raid on Arnera.
- Reduced the spawn times of the monsters in the Ice overlord and Fire overlord quest areas.
- Fixed an exploit in the Ice overlord quest area that allowed to constantly spawn water elementals.
- Depth Galea is now sellable at Norbert, disenchantable and gems can be inserted into it.
- Reduced the damage of the shroomite apostle.
- Increased the death resistance of dragon lords.
- Fixed lots of map bugs.

07 June 2019 (19:10)
- Added a new grim reaper area in Necra, together with a quest to gain access to it.
- Mages now slowly advance magic level while training at serunts, even without spending mana.
- Sleeping in a bed will now slowly restore offline training time.
- Reduced the respawn times of the Arvankil giant spider spawn.
- Increased the experience of Shroomite elders/priestesses, and reduced their respawn times.
- Fixed a bug that would cause player damage to stack with the "Shield bash" spell.
- Chests that are only openable once per season were not working correctly and have been fixed.
- Dreaded mask is now disenchantable and sellable.
- Fixed a bug that would allow you to get past Urpi's door without completing his riddle.
- Fixed several mapbugs and typos.

05 June 2019 (00:18)
- Players will now receive a free blessing when advancing to level 50.
- Refillable potions bought from Emilio will now be exchangable among each other for a small fee of 10 donation points.
- Players receiving the entrepreneur outfit from NPC Emilio after donating will now correctly receive the addons. If you claimed the outfit before the patch and didn't get the addons, please contact a gamemaster to claim them.
- Players opening treasure devices without having enough capacity will now have their items sent to their inbox, instead of dropped on the floor.
- Slightly reduced the experience of glacial behemoths and icy ogres.
- Increased the experience reward of NPC Otto's task of gathering pieces of coal from tree guardians.
- Increased the experience of vicious oozes.
- Added mailboxes in the city of Azaila.
- Reduced the respawn times in several low-level areas.
- Fixed a bug that caused the swiss knife not to work as intended as a pick.
- NPCs Ron and Yera now sell parcels, labels and letters.
- Fixed one of the hidden seashells of Arvankil not working.
- The poison fields left behind by slimes and sewer slimes now correctly decay.
- Increased the earth resistance of slimes.
- Slightly improved the damage of mage's ultimate elemental strikes.
- Fixed elven amulets obtained from the gobblin raffle having only 1 charge.
- Fixed leviathan amulets obtained from hidden seashells having only 1 charge.
- Reduced the level requirement of the door of Zevelon Duskbringer from 60 to 40.
- Several mapbugs have been fixed.