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Type: Custom RPG
Exp: Staged, around 5x
PvP: Open
Magic rate: 5x
Skill rate: 7x
Loot rate: 1.5x
Protection level: 50
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The Ruthless Seven invade the lands of Tibia. While Destruction, Doom, Plague, Fire, Death, Chaos and Despair expand through the continent, Daniel Steelsoul and Avar Tar gather a group of people and leave Tibia sailing towards unknown seas.
After three years on the sea, they finally reach land. The elves among them call the island "Elendia". A settlement is build and called Port Sarlin. But the proximity to dangerous areas causes fear to some people, who try to convince others to search a new area for them to live. After a fight, many people leave to the northern part of the island. They build a city under the name of Tindra which starts growing fast.
But peace wouldn't last long. The minion of the Ruthless Seven, Orshabaal, had been searching them. And he had succeeded.
With the full power of the demonic army of his masters, he settles down on a island south of Port Sarlin. The tries of the heroes to defeat him to do nothing but to annoy the demonic forces.
After some time and many dead people, the habitants of Port Sarlin decide that they need a new startegy. They had to strike the heart of their enemy. They had to kill the Ruthless Seven.

Diary of a survivor

Carlin, February 1st
Today I finally got the hydra tongue I needed for my new antidote against werewolves. A friendly adventurer who was passing by Carlin sold it to me.
Apparently, he had just returned from the Ghostlands and told me a strange story of undeads going crazy.
“It's been a strange day. I would have never thought that the undead could feel fear. But the way they behaved today left no doubts. My sixth sense tells me that something's not going well.“ He had to leave, so I decided not to bother him any longer.
I've been talking to some elfs tonight. They sense the energies of the world moving faster, but they don't know what it is.

February 5th
A group of dwarf refugees have arrived today at Carlin. They told us how, some days ago a group of messengers had disappeared on their way from Thais to Kazzordoon. A patrol was send to try to find them, assuming they had just been assaulted by some outlaws.
Some hours later the soldiers had arrived back at Thais. But too few of them. Screaming in fear they had warned everyone of a big group of demons in the middle of the continent and marching towards Venore.
It seems that King Tibianus has sent troops to fight them and assures everything is under control.

February 8th
Venore does no longer exist. That's what the people who arrived today told us, wounded and thirsty. A giant army of demons had destroyed the city as easy as a human kills a fly. It seems that the army has separated itself and marches to different points of Tibia.
We had never faced a problem like this before. We had always been the ones that followed and killed the demons. I've got the feeling that the roles of the hunter and the hunted have switched.

February 15th
The habitants of Edron have arrived today, led by Daniel Steelsoul and Avar Tar. They seem to have avoided a direct confrontation with the demonic forces, but, as they told us, the Yalahari had decided that the wonders of their city were not going to be in the hands of the demons.
With a great explosion, the Yalahari vanished thousand years of wisdom of the surface of the world. But as Daniel told us, the vampires in the edge of the city still hold against the invaders, and they are a worthy opponent of them.

February 17th
Tar and Steelsoul have went to try to expand the news, one to Darama, the other to Thais, with the hope of gathering more survivors. Some people also went to Thais, but with the intention of staying there.
And for the first time in the history, we were surprised to see, blue and green djinns joined their forces and lifted their citadels into the sky, escaping to the unknown. They're avoiding a direct confrontation, just like we should do, Steelsoul told us.

February 19th
The elfs of Ab'dendriel have left Tibia by ship, not without telling us to do the same. Orcs have been sighted leaving of everywhere to the north. Some rumours even say that Ferumbras has sealed himself in his citadel after being attacked by his own demonic minions. Not even the great sorcerer hopes to defeat the demonic army.

February 25th
Steelsoul has failed in convincing the king to leave Tibia. He seems to be sure that his army will hold against the demons. Even most of the habitants of Ankrahmun and Darashia have joined the King in Thais. They want to prepare the city for a siege.
We have also seen how the undead of Ghostlands, mad of despair, jumped into the water and disappeared in the depths of the sea.

February 28th
Today Avar Tar has arrived with the habitants of Port Hope. He says that Liberty bay is nothing but a mountain of solid lava. It seems that Morgaroth and his cult have left Tibia too, not without showing what path they've taken.
Some rumours also say that the Minotaurs have gathered near Kazordoon awaken their ancestors, the elder Tauren, after they had been sleeping for almost ten thousand years. I cannot imagine how dangerous the situation must be.
Avar Tar has gone to Thais in his last desperate try to gather refugees who do not side with the king and his mad plan to stop the demons.

March 3th
The patrol we had sent to Svargrond came back saying that the whole city with it's habitants have frozen. Like the other members of the Triangle, Ghazbaran and Zugurosh have left the continent destroying everything on his way.
Rookgard's habitants have arrived today, lead by Amber, and bringing the ships we need to escape. It seems we are ready to depart. We just need to wait for Avar Tar and the people he gathers from Thais. Shadows have been seen in the water, swimming to the north. Seems like Quaras leave Tibia too.

March 5th
A colossal battle has taken place between the Tauren and the demonic army, according to what a group of Minotaurs told us that have arrived, wounded and waving a white flag, to Carlin. They had settled though defences around the portal, and rejected numerous attacks of the demons. However, showing their evil intelligence, the demons used their Juggernauts to dig tunnels towards the centre of their settlement. More than a battle, it had been a massacre. Only very few Minotaurs and Tauren managed to escape through the portal in time, followed by a group of Hellhounds. If they didn't manage to kill the hounds, they fear they would be the last remaining of their race.

March 6th
Avar Tar has just arrived to Carlin. He had gathered some people... and a lot of demons too. He was being chased by an uncountable horde of them. We had nearly prepared the ships to sail away, but we were not ready yet. A group of soldiers volunteered to defend the city, knowing it would cost them their lives. But even their sacrifice was not enough to keep us safe. The demon horde broke through the defences too early, and their imps set the harbour in fire. Before some people could jump into the water, the vanguard of the army reached the coast, forcing us to abandon many people. Avar Tar was among them.

Somewhere in the North Ocean, March 10th
We are starting to have space problems. One ship has sunken when a group of Water Elementals passed, generating giant waves. Only seven of our ships remain, and we just noticed how low our food and water reserves are.
On the other hand we've rescued a group of people who were trying to escape on what wasn't even a real ship, but more some kind of home-made boat. They told us they escaped from Thais, as the city had fallen into the hands of the demons in a matter of hours. King Tibianus told his mages to create a portal in order to escape, but got caught by a group of dark torturers. He was carried away... alive.

April 21th
Today a giant octopus has emerged from the water and has carried Captain Greyhound's ship to the depths. Six of our ship remain, and some people started to die due to diseases. We had to throw them into the water so they couldn't infect us. It's horrible.

May 10th
We have been sailing for two months now... people are starving, and most of them think there is no hope for us. Many people, driven mad by the lack of water, have died when drinking water of the sea. I'm the only alchemist on the ship, and people are starting to get diseases I never heard of. Today I had to tell a family that I couldn't cure their son. Their faces almost made me cry. I pray to the gods, this horrible trip needs to end.

January 1st of the New Calender of Elendia
"Land on sight! Land on sight!" When Captain Morningstar's yell sounded over the float, we couldn't believe it. It was the blessing we all had been waiting for. We've been sailing for two years now. Three more of our ships have sunken due to storms. From the one's who departed, less than the half remains.

January 2nd of the New Calender of Elendia
We finally arrived. This was the best meal I ever had in my life. After the hell we just lived, this is better than any paradise. Daniel Steelsoul just started the rebuilding works. It seems that the land we just discovered is full of life and food.

January 25th
Today a group of dragons has been sighted flying around the mountain to the Northwest. Many people decided that they needed a new settlement, but the elves told them to stay at the shore.
One hour later a big group of dragons have arrived to the settlement and have set it on fire. Many people have died in the hands of fire.

January 26th
Blood has been shed. A group of drunken humans have attacked the elves, accusing them to have brought death among their land. An elvish spellcaster has been killed.
Daniel Steelsoul has gathered all survivors and told them that if they can't hold together, they had to leave the settlement. As a result, nearly all the human habitants have left us, most of them to the north, accusing Daniel of treachery. Some people even stole one of our ships and sailed to the desertic continent to the south hoping to establish there.

February 6th
The settlement is now finished. We've called it Port Sarlin, and we hope to make it safer against the dangerous wilderness we got around us. But the population is very low. Less than thirty humans have decided to stay here.

February 18th
The moment we feared has arrived. A demonic patrol has arrived, and has seen our village. Despite our efforts to kill them, two of the scouts escaped. Now they know our location. We need to prepare for a fight.

March 4th
The massive demonic army, led by Orshabaal, has settled down on an island to the south, not without first burning down all the vegetation that grew there and killing the few humans that had decided to settle there. Daniel says that if we want to survive we need to be the first ones to attack them, now that they're still distracted.

March 6th
Our attack has failed. We couldn't even get over the mountains that surround the demonic valley before being overwhelmed with demonic forces. Luckily, none of us has died. We may be few, but we're the only heroes left from our homeland Tibia. Still, there is no hope for us.

March 10th
The messengers Daniel had send in all directions to inform all the human settlements of the problem have returned with the same message: No human is willing to fight the demons. They also explained us how the humans have settled around. Two big cities have been build, the largest being Tindra, to the north, which is quickly growing. The other, Arnera, is to the south, in the dunes of the desert island. They seem to have joined with a group of nomads, who talk about themselves like the survivors of some disaster of a former human city that supposedly is buried under the sands of the desert. I'm glad to hear we're not the first humans to walk on these lands.

March 19th
Today we have experimented a strange anomaly on an island where the hostile elves had settled down. It seems like a portal had opened and gave access to a new dimension. An elvish spellcaster among us says that there seems to be a net connecting various points of the continent through the void.

April 2nd
Today Daniel has gathered us all. After a while talking about braveness, he has told us that we had a new strategy. We are going to sneak into the heart of the demons. Without their army watching for them, the Ruthless Seven are weak. All we need, is more people, then we will strike the Seven Demonlords.