Season V begins in:



Type: Custom RPG
Exp: Staged, around 5x
PvP: Open
Magic rate: 5x
Skill rate: 7x
Loot rate: 1.5x
Protection level: 50
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The main continent, full of life and vegetation, but also an allure for dangerous creatures which seek protection from the demonic hordes. This is where the human fleet which departed from Carlin with the survivors of the Tibian Kingdom arived. At their landing place they founded the village of Port Sarlin, which holds the league of heroes known as the Sarlin Society, the only humans who stand against the demonic forces. Most humans, however, feared the proximity to the jungle and the dragons of Mt. Draco, and founded the city Tindra some time after their arival. Communication by sea is very difficult due to orc ships pillaging the seas west of Elendia, and the ground route between the two settlements being plagued by amazons and bandits that assault unsuspicious travelers.
The continent is known for its large underground tunnel system. It is said that it is possible to travel from one end of the continent to the other by using the caves below it. Since dangerous creatures live underground, nobody has ever tried to confirm that myth.


A continent which holds nothing more than a giant desert. It contains a human settlement named Arnera, where some survivors of the Tibian Kingdom live together with the nomads that has lived in the desert for decades. It is known that thousands of years ago, a prosper human civilization lived here. However, they are long extinct; and the remains of their glory lie burried below the sands.


A vast, unexplored icy continent, full of dangers and cold nights. During a thunderstorm, one of the ships that sailed from Carlin wrecked at its western shore. Some men that that survived the crash established different camps along the warmer parts of the continent. Rumours say they are planning to build a city in order to make human survival possible in the hard conditions that Frisiga offers.


A group of three islands full of undead creatures. Originally, all three islands were just one, but with the passing of years some parts of it have been burried under the sea. A short time after the arrival of the human fleet, some people tried their luck and settled down on this island. They got corrupted by an unknown power and now serve as undead minions. Many people claim that the island has a dark soul which lives deep underground, and is the cause for the curse that every living being on the island suffers.


No one truly knows what the depths of this small continent hold, but everyone seems to agree that it ain't good. Its surface is covered in dense forests and exotic wildlife. While everything on the island seems to be able to kill or severly harm human beings, the richness in resources the continent offers has caused a small merchant settlement with the name of Azaila to appear on its south coast.

Demon Valley

Was once a continent full of life and vegetation. Now, all that remains is a large group of mountains covered by ashes. After the demonic explorers located the human survivors on the continent of Elendia, the heavy army of the Ruthless Seven, lead by their general Orshabaal, settled down here. Although no attacks have happened yet on any human settlement, it is know that the demons are gathering a massive assault to destroy what is left of the human race. After their arival, the demons opened a portal to Hell on the southern mountain, to have a constant flow of reinforcements.