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Type: Custom RPG
Exp: Staged, around 5x
PvP: Open
Magic rate: 5x
Skill rate: 7x
Loot rate: 1.5x
Protection level: 50
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Basic Information

Ruthless Chaos is a custom, low-rate RPG server. Apart from the custom map, which represents a work of over 10 years, we can offer you a professional, entertaining and above all, a balanced server.

» Basic Information
Client Protocol: Custom Client (Download here)
Experience Rate: Staged, from 7x to 5x
Magic Rate: 5x
Skill Rate: 7x
Loot Rate: 1.5x
Level to create a guild: 50
Level to buy a house: 50
Inactive houses cleaned after: 30 days
World Type: Open PvP (with war system)
Frags for red skull: 4 (Frags last for 24 hours)
Frags system: Old-school (only the most damage
dealer and last hit killer take the frag)
Protection Level: 50



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Server Minimap:

Ruthless Chaos Quest:

Daily Challenges and Guild Advantages:

General Information

Custom World Map

How many times have you joined a server that claimed to have a custom map, only to find out it was only a copy-paste mix of already existing maps, or even worse, included lots of chunks of the real Tibia map? On Ruthless Chaos, every single place, from hunting spots to cities, has been designed, balanced and mapped by our team. We want to offer the player a completely new experience. And for that, our map comes with over 400 RPG-based quests, lots of custom creatures and lots of content that will make your experience on the server as fun as possible. If you thought that leveling is a self-repeating task and offers no variety, we will prove you wrong.


For the average Tibian, hunting is mostly a boring task. And although that there are plenty of quests and events to spend your time on, we know that hunting is inevitable, since it composes the essence of this game. In this server, however, when hunting on a certain spot, you will notice that from time to time, a regular monster has a chance to spawn as an elite monster.

These monsters are tougher to kill than their original version, but grant more experience and far more loot. They will be a challenge you will face from time to time when hunting, but their loot always makes up for their difficulty. In average, they will be around 20%-30% stronger than their original monster, and will grant extra loot in a range of 50% to even 300%, depending on the creature.

There are some restrictions on these elite monsters. They will only spawn on areas that are meant as a hunting ground of that specific creature. That means that if there is a spawn of a single dragon somewhere on the map, that dragon will never spawn as an elite. Secondly, most times elite monsters will only spawn if there is no other elite monster of the same type alive on the server. There are some exceptions of course.

World Changes

On Ruthless Chaos, you will find many events that are triggered not by individuals, but by the community. These world events happen after some specific requirements are met (for example, a certain type of creature has been killed a specific number of times), and bring new areas, raids, monsters and bosses to you. Some quests based on these events will require the cooperation of the whole server in order to be completed, and some are randomly triggered from time to time. To find out what these events do, and what you need to start them, is up to you.

The Sarlin Society

In the small village of Port Sarlin, at the southern part of Elendia, you can find a group of heroes that call themselves the Sarlin Society and fight against the demonic hordes that have settled in the Demon Valley. As you work for them completing quests and tasks, you will be advancing in rank in their society. You will soon find that lots of places can only be accessed by certain ranks of the Society, as well as many tasks, NPCs and quests. Reaching the highest rank will give you the opportunity to complete the final challenge of this server, the Ruthless Chaos Quest.


The fact that Ruthless Chaos is a RPG server doesn't mean that PvP is not a very important aspect of the game. Although you will find that our PvP system is pretty similar to the one from original Tibia, we have added/removed some features that we think completely ruined the PvP experience.

  • There is no PvP blessing. Regular blessings are still available.
  • There is no Swap System. We still believe that Cipsoft was high when they implemented this.
  • All vocations have new spells focused on PvP.


Our mounting system is also somewhat different to real Tibia's. Through them you will not always get a static speed bonus, different mounts will sometimes give you special attributes, different speed changes, and some even offer the ability to travel to new areas. Don't know how you can cross that shallow river? Maybe you haven't tried crossing it while riding a manta ray!


While most of our quests are pretty easy to find if you like exploring, and many of them even have NPC's talking about them, some of our quests are very well hidden, and almost impossible to find without the right clues. This type of quests normally requires time, mental agility and lots of exploring. Of course these quests won't be necessary to progress in the game, but will for sure make you the game easier if you are able to solve them!


As you progress in this server, you will find some special areas named Dungeons. These dungeons are a set of special quests designed for teams of around 4-6 people in a certain level range. They are completely different to regular quests. Firstly, they are filled with custom monsters designed to make your team cooperate. Most bosses you will fight will have scripted behaviour and will require more strategy and action than the typical tank'n'spank. You will need strategy, skill and teamplay to fight through them. Many monsters will also have scripted behaviour, which will bring whole new aspects and strategies into their fights. You will also find no reward chests in them, as the rewards will be looted from the bosses you will find along them. And finally, the rewards you will get from the dungeons are designed to be gear-upgrades (items that will be better than the equipment you are using) for the team that beats them.

Zero Tolerance with botters

The main concern of our team is to offer you a balanced server. You will probably ask yourself: What do they exactly mean by balanced? As a definition, balance means that all options a player can access do not give him any advantage. All options should be strategically identical. Botting, or any other kind of illegal software, completely dismantles any kind of balance, as it is an advantage for the player itself.
This is why we strongly encourage players to play fairly, and punish botters harshly. This is not real Tibia, where everybody bots and you are forced to do it in order to keep up with the rest of your server. Here you will find that nobody bots, so by playing manually the amount of hours you like to invest in a game you are not suffering any disadvantage.

The punishment for cavebotting or any type of afk-botting is an instant bannishment. No exceptions are made for this, and you will not be able to lift it prematurely by any means. Getting banned again will result in a permanent deletion of your account. The punishment for any other type of non-afk botting (such as healbots) is a warning, a banishment at the second warning, and deletion after the third warning.
Abusing bugs will have your character restored to a previous state, and, if we find out that the bug abuse was intentional, you are facing a banishment too.